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Strain gauge as a weight measurement ?

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Hello everyone. I'm making a project in Labview and i have to measure weights from different animals. I was thinking about a strain gauge measuring with NI-9237 as a DAQ device. Can it happen ?. I have uploaded a picture of the system. 


Thanks in advance

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Yes, it can happen. Anything more specific?


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So i can create a DAQ Assistent in Labview, and then go on with the block diagram to measure strain ?. Can i directly connect my weight gauge to my NI 9237, and connect the output USB to my computer as shown in the picture ?.

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Accepted by topic author Oesen
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

You are still more general. If you want to us ethe USB daq you should be having the driver for the daq so that you can detect the hardware in Measurement and Automation Explorer window and then take a simple data acquisition example and try to work around. Create a task for the channel you are going to hookup the Strain gauge and then configure the channel type and etc., and then you are good to go with the basic stuffs (DAQ assistant) in LabVIEW.


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Thanks man Smiley Happy. I will try it tomorrow. Have a nice day Smiley Happy

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