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Strain Measurement trigger with NI PXI-5101 Digitizer

I am trying to run a measurement with the NI PXI 5105 where I trigger the measurement using the rising edge of the strain signal.I would also like to use the rising edge of this signal from the digitizer to trigger a digital TTL output to start a camera recording the test. The camera receives it signal through an NI PXIe-6361 via an SCB-68A terminal block using and BNC connector. I have been trying to do this by using the strain gauge 'address' as the trigger source but have had a series of errors which I can post if necessary. After not being able to get this to work with the different techniques I tried I'm starting to wonder if this is even possible or the equipment has these features. I am looking for any guidance to get this method to work or just clarification as to whether the cards have these features. Thank you in advance. 

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If you look at the HELP documentation that is installed with the NI-SCOPE driver, the PXI-5105 can both received and send triggers through specific channels (see image below).


PXI-5105 trigger.JPG


Have you tried using some of the examples in the example finder?

Path: Hardware Input and Output > Modular Instruments > NI-SCOPE (High-Speed Digitizers) > General


I’m not sure what you question is specifically at this point.  Are you trying to send or receive a trigger from the PXIe-5105? Can you include more detail (error screen-shots, VIs, triggering diagrams, etc.)?

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