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Storing array data (tab limited) in Excel file

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Hi all,


I am using "Write to measurement file" for storing an array of measurements in different columns. The problem is it is storing all the data in one column under the title "untitled" and also filling in the time with year 1904. I want different column names with the various columns and also exact time of data storage. My excel file and program are attached here. Pls suggest how should i proceed. 


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Accepted by topic author sr_murd

There is technically no such thing as a tab delimited Excel file.  Excel has their own proprietary format for files.

You can have a tab delimited text file that Excel can open or import.  Try using Write to Delimited Spreadsheet function in the File I/O palette instead of the Write to Measurement Express VI.


You have a race condition in your code where you are writing to terminals and reading from local variables of those terminals in the same loop.  In all likelihood, the read of the local variables will happen before the terminals get written to meaning you'll be reading stale data from the previous iteration.  You should get rid of those local variables and use wires!

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As well as what evil purple team fan said,  a search for. Time to will get you a nice vi to convert time to excel's epoch


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