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Stopping the beep sound in case structure



I got a project which is the Alarm clock. It is build on case structure. My project should start beeping when it's a alarm. I already got beep sound when it's comes to set alarm but I can't manage to end beep sound when I click to turn off the alarm. How can I do this?

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Well, show us your VI and we show you how to fix it. Obviously,you made a mistake, but your description is way too vague to give constructive advice.


  • An alarm system involves much more than a case structure, in fact it could be done without one. (Your post is like saying: I think my formula is wrong. I won't show you what I did, but I used a pencil)
  • What is your code architecture?
  • What timing functions do you use to measure the time?
  • A project does not beep. A sound output device does.
  • How is the time set? (absolute time? Relative elapsed time?)
  • How do you detect an alarm condition?
  • How do you try to turn it off (mechanical action, etc.)

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Hi Herooik,


just upload your VIs so we can help you.


Best Regards,


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