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Stopping Timed Loop inside a Reentrant VI

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I just converted a project over from 8.5 to 2009 and I found that some of the funtionality that was working in 8.5 no longer works in 2009 (probably for good reason...).

Anyway, I found that if I tried to use the stop timed loop vi to stop any timed loops in reentrant vi's that I get a -804 error. The stop timed loop sub vi was in the same reentrant vi in the application, but I found it also did not work if it was outside the reentrant vi.

It does get a little hairy when thinking which loop you are trying to stop because of the reentrancy, but if the names passed into the instances are different for the loops then it shouldn't be a problem right?

See attached for a very simple example of this occuring.

Note: Just running in windows...not in RT
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I have the same problem with a 2009 project ... If I stop the timed loop with a command, or with the STOP button of the project, LabView close ...
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Cross-posted here.
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Accepted by topic author klessm1

Hi klessm1,


I was able to verify that this works in LabVIEW 8.6.1.  This issue has been reported to R&D (#201244 CAR ID) for further investigation.  Thanks very much for the feedback!

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I resorted to using an alternative way to stop the loops as well.  Does anyone at NI know if this is a feature or a bug or if there is anyway to use the stop timed loop function with a timed loop in a reentrant vi?




Whoops... Just read your post.  Thanks for the update.

Message Edited by klessm1 on 01-06-2010 10:55 AM
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Hi klessm1,


What is the workaround you're using?  This does seem to be a bug since the code works in previous versions of LabVIEW. 

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I am stopping them using a manual method.  Other loops set a stop indicator in the thread I am using and I pass the ref to that into the reentrant vi with the timed loop (the vi updates chart values at a specific time interval from a data buffer).  Wasn't able to get the stop function vi to work.

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