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Stoppin Continous Parallel Running While Loops in SubVI



In my Code, there are different test methods. One test method is named as "Breakdown Dynamic". In the Breakdown down dynamics section of FPGA Main, I have a sub VI in which two parallel while loops are running continuously. I want to control the while loops but I cannot stop them from FPGA MAIN. The stop buttons do not work. I am passing the stop button values from PC MAIN to FPGA Main to SubVI but the loops do not stop. How can I control them? Any Solutions I have attached the code in zip and pictures of relevant sections.


(Note: I start this particular test from the Start test button in the Channel Setup section but I cannot stop the loops from Stop Test button that's why I connected two separate stop buttons to control the while loops).


Thanks in Advance.

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Wires pass the (current) value. They don't magically link controls (nor their current values) to the endpoint of the wire.


The Boolean control value is read, then passed to the subVI. The value in the subVI never changes.


That's dataflow 101.


I suppose a global would do the trick (FPGA has been a while). You'd have to make a loop that continuously reads the control and sets it in the global though. 

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