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Stop FPGA execution in Ethercat


I would like a piece of advice about how I can stop the code execution in FPGA in etherCAT chassis. I work on a piece of code where I start the VI in a RT computer and the FPGA produce PWM puses with a difital module. However, stopping the main VI, the FPGA is still working giving pulses with the NI module. I'm trying to send a stop command from the main VI to the FPGA without success. Is there any specific type of command to communicate with the FPGA in etherCat ?

Note that the initial code is not made by me, so I don't have fully control of it.

Thanks for any help !

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Hi TapTap


Do you have both the RT code and FPGA code?


I'm a little unsure from you post if you only have the RT side and can't change anything on the FPGA? 


Normally you could just use a User Defined Variable and hook it up to the FPGA and RT side (remember to compile the FPGA), and remember to initialize it to false at beginning of execution)




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