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StepperBee+ stepper motor controlled by LabVIEW

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Hi all,


I've recently purchased the StepperBee+ interface board along with two large stepper motors from


Everything works fine using the "AutoStep" program that comes along with it.



I’ve imported the DLL files into LabVIEW and I’ve managed to get the motor to be controlled but as soon as it starts turnig I get an error message saying “LabVIEW 8.2.1 development system has stopped working, a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close…etc…” LabVIEW as a result crashes and closes itself down.


Can you think why this may be? Something you may have come across in the past?


Has anyone succeded in controlling the StepperBee+ using LabVIEW? I would greatly appreciate any help.


I'm currently using LabVIEW version 8.2.1


Many thanks in advance,



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This is most likely an issue of incorrectly configuring the Call Library Function Node.  If you post your code and the header file, I might be able to help.  It could be as simple as using the wrong calling convention (sdtcall versus WINAPI).  You might also try setting the error checking level to "maximum" in the call library function nodes, and see if you get a more useful error message.

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Many thanks - it was down to the calling convention - i was choosing "C" instead of "stdcall". Thanks for your quick response and help. Much appreciated!



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Dear GOJ,


Would you be so kind as to share your LavVIEW VI for StepperBee control. I purchased Stepper and Digi Bees and plan to switch from VB to LabVIEW because all of my systems run on LabVIEW. However, I realized that creating an interface VI to work with the Bee DLL is not an easy fit.




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Hi all, 

          I realise this is an old thread but does anyone by chance have their AutoStepper installation disk. I recently replaced my computer and can't find my installation disk. Any help would be greatly appreaciated !

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You mean the Autostep install CD for the Stepper Bee? I have one. I can send you the relevent files.

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