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Stepper Motor VI

Hello I found this VI in the NI website to control stepper motor---here is the link


Now here is the question--- Iam using a unipolar stepper motor---the way my system is set up is that I have an NI ELVIS II board and I am using a built-in DAQ of my NI ELVIS II to run the stepper. The output pins of my DAQ board are connected to the Darlington Array(Current Amplifier) and the output of the darlington to my stepper motor.   I need to know what can I do to modify the above VI so that I can run the unipolar motor connected to the NI-ELVIS DAQ board.





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You will need to change the Stepper Output Line and Direction Control Line to be the ports/lines you are using.
These examples can be suited to your devices by changing the input to the "lines" terminal of the DAQ task to
correspond with your device. If you want a different type of functionality, you will need to change other parts
of the code.

Tori W.

National Instruments
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Same issue as here... ... ???

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Ok well here is a problem,,, this code is very confusing....


The motor I have has four coils


the sequence of code that I need to output is this:







The functionality that I want to add is that I want to create a user interface, to select the number of steps the motor needs to rotate..

can you please tell me how would this be accomplished


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Hey man, 


Check out your original thread, in general things go faster if you keep everything on one thread. I will post the answer to this question there. 

Jesse Dennis
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i m an engg student,,i want info about to control steppr motor through ni mydaq ? plz giv me ur valuable gaidance,,,,my email

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