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Stepper Motor VI Help

I am having difficulty figuring out how to set up my VI such that I am able to control the  pulse generator low time according to the range of the input and also stop sending pulses when it is within a certain range. I also need to be able to go back and forth between the different case structures(forward and reverse at different speeds, stop). I was partially able to achieve this using DAQ Assistant where I was able to go back and forth between the different cases but the problem was that I was not able to change the low time in order to account for fine and coarse adjustment. The stepper motor is going to be controlling a pressure valve which is why I need the the different range of adjustments. 


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Hi Harsh84,


I need more context on your project to answer this question.  Are you designing your own Back Pressure Regulator? If yes, you could consider this post from Paul Falkenstein:



If you are making your own BPR you should look at some of the feedback examples using PID,

your process variable is the Pressure measured at the sensor the control is the position of the valce probably 0-100% open and the controlling is through steps and direction in the stepper motor, this should be a start.

You can start with a simple Bang-Bang controller but there is often a much more complex nature to pressure regulation so PID is often used.



How can you control pressure on a valve using voltage



This sounds like a good start.





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