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Stepper Motor Randomly Turns Further than Commanded

I am using a set of 6 Anaheim Automation DPN10601's to control 6 different stepper motors. When running my experiments, I feed the command to move X steps, pause then command the motor to move X steps again. It will work N times, but on the N+1 time, it will turn a random amount, sometimes 10 or more times what it should have. I attached my code for reference.


I will note that my box tells me I have a "Range Error," but when I send the exact same commands via direct talk using Tera Term, I do not get an error light.


I am going crazy trying to fix this!

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Hi WildCat,


I am going crazy trying to fix this!

I can understand that after noticing all those race conditions in your subVIs, especially in the!

Get rid of those race conditions and use more wire instead of local variables and "value" property nodes!

(This seems to apply to all your VIs: way too much locals and sequence structures!)

Edit: found more problems like

- initializing a serial port in parallel with a serial port write function. (Just another kind of race condition…)

- setting up DAQmx tasks without clearing them

- comparing floats for equality (like "== 0.1")


General suggestion for such problems: it helps to implement a debug logging algorithm! You could write all commands send over the COM port to a text file (with a timestamp) to check for malformed commands…

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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