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Status of cFP-DO-401 channels as a boolean indicator

I am having trouble thinking of a way to display the stautus of the channels of my DO-401 module on my front panel as boolean indicators.
I have put together a program to control the switching of the channels on and off, i now would like to display the status of the channels as boolean indicators on my front panel.
The only way that I have thought of and tried was to read the 'All' channel of the DO-401 module and display the output as a boolean array. The only problem with this is that i need to place the indicators for the different channel numbers spread around the front panel and i cant see a way of doing that with the boolean array.
Any ideas would be greatfully recieved.
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You just need to extract data out of the array.  A quick way is to use array to and then unbundle the cluster for your individual indicators.  Be sure to "right click" over the array to cluster and set the cluster size.
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I would just use index array function and resize it by dragging the bottom to get as many terminals as you need.  Wire each output to its respective control.  (Top output is element 0, next is element 1, so on)
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