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State Machines are great...thank you all

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Hello Hummer1,


Here is a small piece of code

That may perhaps lighten your load

The variant's here

And you need have no fear

Of winding up in some strange mode.


This example is only to teach

And it's not really much of a reach

To see how it's done

So I hope you have fun

And will understand what we all preach!


Um, do all of my replies to you have to be in limericks now?  Have I set a really awful precedent for myself?  Smiley Wink






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Yes, you've done it I think

    cause quick as a wink

boredom has been slain

    by your nifty refrain

and now we must follow or sink


Your example I fear

   while it may be real clear

I can't seem to open

   but will keep on hop'en

it contains the answer to all


Blank verse from now on will be fine...but not as much fun.



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Accepted by topic author Hummer1

Hello Hummer1,


Here it is one more time

I hope it's worth more than a dime

I tried a new zip

So it's not such a dip

But I doubt you will find it sublime


We could try iambic pentameter, but I'm not that good at it.  Smiley Tongue  Blank verse might be a better idea, but I agree, it's kind of boring.



See if you can open this one...



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Thanks a lot for the updated project

It opens very easily now

It shows in detail

How to get out of jail

When machines lose touch with their logic


I see how you type-deffed the enum

And type-deffed the cluster as well

With data ‘long side

The two easily ride

Where they’re used as a pair with great freedom…


I think I am calling it quits

My brain has lost all its wits

This forum will suffer

And the poetry gets tougher

Cause the solution has clearly been writ


Hummer1  (this has absolutely got to stop...)

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Yeah, at this point, we probably belong in Breakpoint under a thread titled "LabVIEW limericks".


Glad the example was helpful...see how nifty those variants can be?


(Must hit "post" before I feel another rhyme coming on...)

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