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Startup position of VI

Whenever I go to run a VI, it always starts up wherever I am currently viewing in the front panel (horizontally and vertically). Is there a way to set some sort of start position so that it always starts in the same exact place, no matter where I was at on the front panel? I have looked but can't find anything but the actual window position.

Thanks alot,
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File -> VI Properties. Then select window run-time position from the dropdown box. From here you can set an exact position, make it always run centered, etc.
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Thanks for the quick reply.  The window run-time position will always be Maximized, my problem is different. Maybe pictures are better.

SWheay below is a really bad picture of my VI, which spans the entire screen.  If I run it, '1.23' will be in the middle of my screen.
|                   |
|      1.23      |
|                   |
|_________ |

Now if I am programming, and I scroll around so that the 1.23 is located at the bottom right....

|                   |
|                   |
|                   |

When i start it up the 1.23 is down at the bottom right.  My application has no scroll bars...I was to set it so that whenver I start my app, the 1.23 is always in the middle of my screen. No matter where I scrolled to last while editing it.

Something like a visual basic form, you drop something in the bottom right corner of the form...and it always there when you run.....

Sorry if this is confusing, I am probably making it alot harder than what it is.
Thanks alot,
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Take a look at my attachment.  You can reposition your front panel display by setting the "Origin" property of your panel to a specific value.
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In version 7.1 (maybe  not from 8.2) You can bring up a property node for the VI, there is a property called "FP.Origin" wire a constant (0,0).

To get this property, drop the property node on your block diagram. Set the property node for a VI Class: Right Click node | Select Class | VI Server | VI . Set the  property to "FP Window", right click the property node, select Properties | Front Panel Window | xxxxx.... wait FP.Origin does not appear in 8.2, It may be in version 7.1 still. Maybe you can use "Panel Bounds" instead, give it a try.

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8.2 has a property of the Pane called Origin which is the same as the 7.1 FP.Origin.
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Works great! Thanks alot.
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I'm converting some LV code from 8.2.1 to 2013.

The property FP.Origin is no longer supperted and I know that I can use Pane|Origin instead, but only for the VI the property is in.

I want to get or set the origin for VI I call , but I can't find a method or property to do that in 2013.

The Pane|Origin property don't have a VI reference terminal!


How do I do it then?


Regards Bjarne

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Right-click on a scroll bar of your VI's front panel.  You can then go to Create->Reference.  You now have a reference to your pane that you can pass around.


Or, if you are just passing around the VI reference, we can go through some more fun.

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Thanks Smiley Happy



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