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Start /Wait Automated Install of LabVIEW

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In attempting to automate the install of LabVIEW using batch scripts, I am running across the problem that typical commands (such as Start /Wait) do not work when running setup.exe silently. For example, when attempting to run the following batch script, the help window for the installer opens indicating "Invalid command line parameters."


start /wait setup /applyspecfile specfile /q /r /AcceptLicenses yes


The same is true when using the cmd /c command. 


My goal is to be able to have LabVIEW installed during an imaging process of a new computer. Without waiting for the install of LabVIEW to finish before moving on to other installs during the imaging process, the install will fail.


Is there anyway to achieve this with a batch script or by some other means?

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Just to clarify, if the LabVIEW installation is the only one that is set to occur in the batch script, does the installation succeed? Similarly, would it be possible to set LabVIEW as the last piece of software to install in the imaging process?

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Update: Code was incorrect for the new installer. Start /wait works. See below:


start /wait setup specfile /r /acceptlicenses yes /q


/applyspecfile is unnecessary to include in the batch script.

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