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Stanford SR830 Driver

Follow up to my message on the above subject.
When I try to initialize the VI. I receive following error message:
Error - 1073807346 occurred at VISA open sr844 - srsr844 Getting
VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF000E)
Any suggestion on what to do?
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If you were to right click on the error cluster and select 'Explain Error', you would get 'The given session or object reference is invalid.' You need to select a valid VISA resource. On the VISA Resource Name control, there is a little arrow on the right side. Click on this to get a list of all the resources on your pc. Select the com port that is connected to your instrument.
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Thank you for your message. Could you please tell me how I can access the "VISA Resource Name control",

I did try again and I received another error from error explanaition on the downloaded VI.

Hex 0xBFFF0015.

Time out error. How do I set the VI so that I do not have time out error and can communicate with the instrument?


Thank you.

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You may be getting a timeout for any number of reasons. Serial communication has many pitfalls. You make have the wrong cable type. You may have incorrect port settings (baud rate, parity, etc.). You may be sending an incorrect termination character. You should first try to communicate to the instrument with something like Hyperterminal and at least get the cable and port settings correct there before you try to write a program.
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I need to initialize the SR830 with a RS232 serial port. The "Basic Serial Write and Read" as well as the advanced does not work. I think the problem is about termination character because I can communicate with the lock in (for example i can set the time constant and I get the information in the buffer) but i always face a timeout error when asking any data (with OUTP? OUTR? or SNAP?). In addition the error light in the front pannel is always blinking. 

Can you please help me???

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Hi Urs,

Could you teach me how to use stanford sr830 labview driver.

It seems that there is no need for a GPIB?





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Did you happen to be an intern at HSR?

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