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Stacked waveform chart with time in the x axis.



I want to achieve a stacked waveform chart with three different plots and the x axis has to represent the absolute time of the system. I can build a stacked chart with three different plots and a basic chart with the absolute time in the x axis. However, when I try to implement the two things together it doesn't work properly. 


I have attached the different implementations that I have tried. 


Any help is apreciated.


Thank you!

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Luisi, you can simply set the offset using the current time to the implementation2 and you get the offset applied in the stacked charts.  See attached.

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I can see the behaviour you are seeing. I feel you shouldn't have to do this, though. After all you're providing the time stamp correctly and it is there when you probe the wire leading to the graph. Somehow it gets lost in the Graph itself- I would guess in the coercion dot.

I'd say this is not expected behaviour, even though your workaround works well.

Remember Cunningham's Law
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Here's what I've had to do to tame waveform charts. I would be interested to know if there are better ways to do what is shown here. 

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