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Stacked Bar Plots in Mixed Signal Graph

Is there a way to have a stacked bar plot compiled and displayed in the mixed signal graph indicator from multiple plots as inputs?

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This is Doug from applications engineering at National Instruments. I've attached a screenshot of a mixed signal graph with a stacked bar graph. Please let me know if this was what you were looking for. If you have any other questions, let me know. Thanks

Doug W

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Doug,  Thanks but I need to do it programmatically, thus specifying the properties to do this.  Do you have an example of how to stack y values from a 2D array for multple series with properties shown?

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Here is mydata and a mixed sig graph.  I just want to stack the bars when a 1 occurs in the data.  the array is a 2d one that has the series in rows and the time events for the x axis in the columns

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Something like this?

Mix Signal Graph Bar Plot.png

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I think we are getting closer but I do not see what I would expect in a stacked bar graph in excel.  Please take a look at the data in the array in column 525.  It has more than just qty 2 of the value 1 in many of its cells.  Hence I would expect to see a spike greater than 2 which is what I see on the chart that you provided.  I did the task in excel and it was easy to do and have attached it for your reference.   It is the same data that I provided above in the prior vi.  

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Oh, oops. I thought this was a property issue, not a math one. Doesn't excuse my math, though 🙂

How about this:


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I am trying to create a stacked bar graph like the one in your post.  Could you please send me the code to do that?


Steve D.

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Hi Steve,

Since this post is from 3 years ago, I do not think that Doug is monitoring this anymore and likely does not have the code saved. You are welcome to create a new post, which might get more traffic.

Maggie M.
Application Engineer
National Instruments.
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