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Sporadic BSOD due to "halmacpi.dll" driver

I've been getting a sporadic BSOD which I think is due to my labview VI. The dump file claims that it's the "halmacpi.dll" driver that is to blame. Any idea where this driver comes from and how I can fix this problem? Thanks




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Sorry, but I love doing that  ^^^^^


Author: Microsoft Corporation

Author URL: http://

Part Of: Windows Operating System

Memory Usage: Low

Associated Applications: Windows Operating System

Background DLL: Yes

Uses Network: No

Hardware Related: Yes

Common Path: C:\ Windows\ System32\ halmacpi.dll

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So i've searched a good while and tried a few things (including rewriting my VI) and I just got the BSOD again. I know it deals with Labview since it only occurs while running my program. I'll attach my dump file if anyone can please help. Thanks

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Sorry, had to do it again......^^^^


Go to the first link at geeks to go and read the post.  Someone got help around post #4 that seemed to work, it was some strange old driver causing the problem and had nothing to do with the program when the BSOD happened.



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Hi Ian,


According to Google, ser2pl.sys is the driver for a USB-to-serial adapter. Do you have one of those? If so, you should contact the manufacturer.



Brad Keryan
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