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Splitting a word table at a location where the whole row of cells are empty.

Hello and happy new year to everyone,


My question is whether its possible to if a read a word table in LabView and split the table at a location where the whole row is empty (empty cells). I have a long table with 4 columns and want to split the table where it reads no entry at all in the whole row.


Thank you !

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Hi shahabkhan,


The task you describe should be easy enough to implement - you just need to search the array of string values for an empty row. A naive approach is to take a 2D array of strings and use a For loop and an Equals comparison with your 1D array (4 empty strings) and the autoindexed row from your table. Other approaches are likely possible and probably more efficient!

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I am reading a word report having a long set of tables and i am looking for a solution to delete the empty rows completely from the table. 

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It seems like your new response doesn't add much compared with your original post.


Please upload a VI showing how far you've managed to get and what you're struggling with. Members of the forum (or speaking at least for myself) are likely to be unwilling to provide a complete solution without some effort and progress on your part.

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NO need to repeat yourself.


Your post about the SAME topic is still there!

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I am writing a number of tables with different conditions to a word template through bookmark. There are a number of tables already in word template but those are constant and i do not have to do anything with them. Due to different conditions i have to split the table at a location where the row is empty so that i could distinguish between different conditions which would be in a separate table. The point is i want to split those table because if I wont then i will have to make so many bookmarks in word template which i do not want. 

I understand that its important i should share VI with you but i feel like it would be so much confusing to understand for you because the VI is quite messed up 😄 

What I can do is I can share the current output of my VI with you. In the attached word file you will notice that there are certain empty rows which I want to remove secondly there are conditions at the start of every table like





For each of these conditions I want a separate table and thats only possible if i remove the empty row and split the table at the position.

please check it and suggest me a solution for it.

Thank you so much !

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