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Split string with no delimiters

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@john7 wrote:

may be in the same topic i can ask another question - how to assemble the resulting array 1 01 00 02  with dots - like ?

SInce you also want to eliminate leading zeroes, you should convert to U8, then use "array to sreadsheet string" using a period as delimiter and a %d as format.

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@john7 wrote:

Kinda trite topic, but...

I have a string say 1010002. I need to split it  itno two digits groups - 1 01 00 02, if it's uneven - so MSB stands alone.

Thanks in advance.  🙂

Can we get clearer specification?

What is the maximum string lenght? what is the miminum string length? Are all characters decimal digits or can there be other characters?


Later you eliminated leading zeroes from each group. Is that what you really want?


For example if the string is always 7 or 8 decimal (or even hex) characters, the following would do.



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i'm not sure but suppose the string has a fixed lenth. the last one real nice! Well done ! 🙂

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'I'd go into vi.lib under advanced string and use join strings with "." as the delimiter

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@meetjack wrote:

is there any example code for this ?

You are posting at the end of a long thread that discusses several things, and shows quite a bit of example code already.


So please explain what you mean by "this". Thanks.


(Since this thread is marked as solved, and you apparently want a different solution, you should maybe start a new thread instead).

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