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Spectrum Analyzer not getting full spectrum

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I've been using labview to connect to an agilent 9320b spectrum analyzer except I am having issues with the initialize function. If I don't constantly reinitialize my spectrum analyzer my VI doesn't record the full spectrum. Ideally I only want to initialize at the start of my program. Example vi is below with pictures of the result initializing every time and with only initializing once. In the picture where I only initialize once I remove the first frame from the stack sequence

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Anyone have any ideas? As you can see in the 2nd picture it only affects the larger frequency value (in this case 989-991MHz). If I continually run this VI the lower frequency graph continues to display the correct range. 

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I think the issue is something to do with my traces from the spectrum analyzer interfering with each other. If I just run the higher frequency trace repeatedly I get no issues. I think the issue is in the subVI attached below.

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I think I've found a fix for this. The issue was in the driver where it wasn't properly writing the start and stop frequency for the trace, my work around was just to send the serial command that sets these frequencies twice which made it work correctly for some reason.

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