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Spectral histogram of adc output

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G'day all

I have a LabVIEW task that I'm confident would have been dealt with before (many times). However, not for the life of me can I find a documented solution. It involves the display of a spectrum of channel hits from an ADC on a histogram (no, not the statistical flavour - the science spectral version).

I have a loop from the 8k ADC DAQ front end that (for the sake of this example) gives me the amplitude of an incoming pulse (a value between 0 and 8191). As part of that loop I'd like a real time 'live' spectrum of the accumulative number of hits per ADC channel.

I can think of ways using a 8k array and incrementing the bins manually but how to get the array data persistent in the loop... and actually display it.

If I have to invent my own wheel to solve this then that's OK but I'm sure like most of my coding brethren, I'd prefer to use somebody else's Smiley Wink


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Look at this example of a Histogram. Is that similar to what you need?


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Thanks Broken. A round enough "wheel" to get me where I wanted.


Much appreciated



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