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Specifying Return Type for Python Node

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I'm having an issue with specifying just the return type on this Python node. I have tried wiring a control of type double to the return type terminal of the Python node, but this seems to send both the data type and the value as the return value. For example, the output of the Python node is 0 if I do not modify the return type control. If I set the control to 5, I get 5 as the output from the Python node. I'm sending four inputs to this Python Node as seen in the following picture and returning one output computed in Python, but instead I am just getting the value of the return type for the return value. Any ideas on why this is happening?







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Hopefully this is the same problem solved by this thread:


Just posting to prevent multiple threads all being worked on separately.


If that's not the case, please correct me.

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Correct. Thanks!

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