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Spam/Romance fraud warning: Hadi111 a.k.a. Ngonehadiza


Dear All


I received a private forum message from Hadi111. The message was:


I like your profile and I think you are a nice person. Can we get in contact? please you can write to me ( ) not in this site because i am a new in this community and i don't visit this site often I am waiting for your answer.


A quick google of "Ngonehadiza" indicates that this individual makes a habit of gaining identities on specialist private forums with the the intention of initiating direct e-mail contact. The phrasing implies that some kind of romance fraud is possibly intended.


Please can the moderators investigate and ban this user. Unless they come up with a reasonable question about NI products.

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That two timing *****! I got the identical message.


On a serious note, thanks for posting Steve. I deleted the message by reflex and then wished I had shared the details.

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Hi everyone,


I've spotted this forum and I've let the people looking after the forums know that this is happening, although I'd imagine they should know already.

Just wanted to let you know we're looking into it and possible fixes. Will keep you posted.


Just for your security and anyone else who reads, I strongly recommend you don't reply to the email Smiley Wink


Many thanks


James P
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I got the same message last week.  


Kudos and Accepted as Solution are welcome!
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