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Source Waveform and Capture Waveform in the same VI (Digital Pattern Editor)



I am using the Digital Pattern Editor to do SPI communication. I have successfully created and bursted a capture waveform as well as a source waveform separately.


Is it possible to do it together? My intention is to source a register read command and then capture the device response. 



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Actually, I haven't been able to even confirm the Source Waveform creation example VI is working for me, anyone have experience with it?

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Hi MBen11,


Just ran into this thread while doing a search of my own. I believe I have performed source and capture at the same time (it has been a while since I worked on that project), all you should need to do is to put both opcodes in the same vector, and of course, have executed both "start" opcodes before these. Have you tried this? Are you receiving an error from this?



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