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Source Control on LabVIEW???

How can we control on the version of VI? For instance: we have "" version 3 and we want use "" with version 1 or 2.1. So how can we get that version for ""? And I've received error msg when go to Tools - Source Code Control and the msg is as attachment.

Please help

Thanks alot
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This is definitely something you need to take up with NI support. Go to to get started.

Good luck
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If the SCC Administrator has enabled backups, then you can retrieve previous versions of a VI by going to Source Code Control >> Advanced >> View File History or View System History. Page 11-26 of the Professional
G Manual has some more info on this:

I looked at the screen shots you sent and they reference the 'provider dir' and 'working dir'. Have you gone through Source Code Control >> Administration... to configure the SCC system?

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