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Something is blocking my loop and I can't update the buttons

Thank you guys for the massive response!


First of all, programing in LabView is great at all, but sometimes it drives me crazy Smiley Wink


Yeah the BD is quite big... I'm going to create a subVI with the lower part.

I tried it before and it didn't work, the reason was the event structures I think.


I removed the events and then its working fine.


I'm not sure, how to replace that event structures to get the same functionality?!

I will try to create some parallel loops to get this working.


The decoration frames are just for... decoration Smiley Wink


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Hi Steffen,


you don't need to replace all those event structure. You need to place them independently from the rest of the code so they will not block your loops…

Best regards,
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Hey Gerd,


You are right. Now I got the data flow right.

I just put the events outside of the main loop, so it will run all the time in another thread.


It's working fine now. Thank you all!

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