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Solution on Memory Confliction in Labview

Hello everyone, 


I got some problems on the labview run-time memory confliction.



I have finished serveral vi , for example,  A,B, C,D, and some of their sub vis have the same name (but not same content).


Now I am planning to combine A,B,C,D together, each of them to be a Subvi of E, then whenever I loaded it together,  Labview would remind me memory confliction problem.


I think that is a serious disadvantage in labview, which store vis in memory directly with their name.


I would run A,B,C,D in sequential order, so is it any way I could handle that in labview besides changing all the names to be different ?


I am thinking of only load Vis into memory when I need that, and delete that from memory when the module is done, but I am not sure whehter that could be realistic here.



Any idea is well appreciated,






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Hey Kunshen,


Could you attach a screenshot of the error for us to see exacty what is happening?


Also, attaching the VIs could be beneficial. 


And the thrid thing I can think of would be: have you tried renaming the subVIs to see if the error goes away? If so, there shouldn't really be any harm in naming your subVIs differently, its just good programming practice, and will not only help you, but future users.

Chris Van Horn
Applications Engineer
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Kunsheng Chen wrote:

Hello everyone, 



I think that is a serious disadvantage in labview, which store vis in memory directly with their name.



How would you handle it if you were using a text based compiler and merged some source code that had functions with the same name?


You could certainly dynamically call the subVIs but that would probably take as much work to modify the programs as just doing a rename. You could also turn A, B, C, and D into sepate vilibs.

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Even if you dynamically load them, you'll still have an awful time if you have to do any more debugging and/or development.  You will eventually save things pointing to the wrong VI and make your life miserable.


Sooner or later, you will have to give your VI's unique names.  I would vote for sooner.

-Matt Bradley

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