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Softmotion Axis looses communication when cRIO is restarted



         We are facing a problem with the communication between NI Soft-motion Axis and a cRIO- 


Hardware Details:

NI cRIO 9049- Runs on Linux

NI -Soft-motion- 9516

AKD Servo Drive P003 connected to  C series 9516


Software Versions Installed:

LabVIEW 2017

NI Soft-motion 17.0.1


Application Background:

I'm controlling a Servo motor connected to the cRIO via LabVIEW. There's also an FPGA card in the cRIO because there are some c series cards running on FPGA.

1. I have already made sure every time i run the application, i reinitialize the hardware(vi with FPGA included) using the reinitialize example in Soft motion in LabVIEW examples. 

2. I make sure when i add the Axis, the cRIO is in Configuration mode.

3. I start the FPGA application first in Configuration mode, and then change it to Active mode before starting my soft motion functionality.



Every time i restart/power cycle the cRIO, the Axis looses communication with the cRIO i.e.

1. From the LabVIEW project, when i try deploying the soft-motion axis; it throws an error. Somehow if i manage to get past this, and launch the Interactive Test panel, there's a error thrown (77055).

2. Only way this works again is if i do the below steps

    .In config mode - remove the axis from project,Check and undeploy missing items- Real time scan resource,add           axis and set properties,Deploy Axis and then Start the FPGA vi
     Change to active mode and then start the Interactive test panel

3. This is a problem because even if i remove the connection for a bit and connect the card again on the cRIO; the communication is lost and i have do step 2 again. Apparently this is the only way i can get it run again.


There needs to be a way to reset and connect seamlessly every time i power cycle. Could someone help me with this as its very critical and lot of time goes in fixing this.





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Did you look at this Knowledge Base Correcting SoftMotion Scan Engine Errors -2147138411 and -77055 ?



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    Yes i'm already using that vi (reinitialize project from examples ) as i mentioned in the post. 




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