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Smoothing out waveform in LabView

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I have a program where I am sending arbitrary waveforms to a function generator.  The waveforms that I am sending were measured off of an oscilloscope and contain a little noise.  What I would like to do is somehow find a line best fit for my waveforms that are smooth, but I would still like the waveforms to have the same exact shape.  For a visual reference I would like to go from the attached picture NoisySine to the attached picture SmoothSine as best as possible using LabView.  Can someone please point me in the right direction on how to do this.  I also attached the NoisySine's csv file for reference.  Thank you.

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Hi lucas,


your "noisy" signal looks very clean:



Anyway: apply a low pass filter on your sine signal!

Best regards,
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As so many Forum posters do, you failed to attach any LabVIEW code, so we cannot advise you more than say "Use a Low Pass Filter" (which GerdW already mentioned).  So you'll have to find it for yourself (use LabVIEW "Help" and search for "Filter").  Now, if we knew that you were talking about a Waveform vs a 1D Array vs a 2D Array vs a Dynamic Data Wire vs something else, we might have been a little more helpful ...


Bob Schor

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Accepted by topic author lucasphee

I found a discussion that had what I was looking for.  Thank you though.

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