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Smart plugs controlled by LabVIEW?

Can anyone recommend a smart plug that LabVIEW can talk to? Either over a wired or wireless network. 





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Why don't you do a Web search for whatever you are seeking, and if you can't figure out how to write LabVIEW code to control it, post a more specific question ("How can I control a XYZ-1234 Smart Plug using LabVIEW"?).  You do the "shopping", we'll provide the expertise (if you need it) ...


Bob Schor

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Hi Bob, 


To move this on a bit, I've bought an iBlockcube smart plug -


Which uses a WiFi connection after lots of faffing about -


The support is non-existent, but I've tried using this vi -


It detects the presence of the device (giving SSID #, Network type: infrastructure, Authentication: Open, Encryption: None), but "Connection failed as no profile was found for the selected hotspot. Profile can be created in the WiFi settings Manage known networks." Which I obviously can't setup for a plug. 


Any thoughts? I've only just started playing with this, so apologies in advance if the answer is around the next corner.  






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Never worked with them myself but I read about some old ones many years ago.



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