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Smart card reader

Hi, I have an old Smart Card Read SW which works in Windows XP long time ago. Now I use WIndows 10 to execute the same SW and get error "6" for all, except the first "SCardEstablishContent". Any help will be appreciated. My Smart Card Reader is SCR38.

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Hi Herman,


some options:

  • use your old WinXP computer with this old hardware and software
  • ask the manufacturer of that hardware for software compatible with Win10
  • get a new card reader compatible with Win10

I guess you use this old USB1 device: the downloads for this device are 15 years old, but the manufacturer still claims Win10 support

(Just a wild guess: you are using the same bitness for the driver software and LabVIEW?)

Best regards,

using LV2020 on Win8.1+cRIO
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To ensure the smart car reader is up-to-date, I bought a new ACR38 together with the driver.

They are new and should be compatible with Windows 10. I wonder if I need to modify my "Call Library Function Node" configuration to work with WIndows 10.

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The new Dll for 64bit OS maybe not the same as for XP.  Check the document.

CLFN also changed.  Pointers used to be 32 bit integer on XP, now you should use pointer-sized integer.  You don't have allocate memory for string, CLFN can do it for you, just set size to 260.


George Zou
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Hi George,

 What is "pointer-sized integer"? Appreciate it if you let me know in more detail.

It seems Windows10 64-bit doesn't recognize the card. I check the driver (version 2018) has been installed and Device Manager shows the driver is there. I guess the problem is not on CLFN but the driver or Microsoft .dll. It is not easy to tell what is the root cause.

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George Zou
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No luck with different Data Byte. I add "iReturn" to see error and shows 80100004 which means "One or more of the supplied parameters could not be properly interpreted". Don't know where is the supplied parameters. I guess the supply .llb is unmactched with Windows 10.

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