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Small bug in Quick Drop

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If you paste text into the text field nothing much happens, you need to force an update through e.g. a space or delete.


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I can't reproduce this. I have the text "case structure" on my clipboard. I press Ctrl-Space to bring up Quick Drop, then Ctrl-V pastes "case structure" into Quick Drop, and I can drop a case structure. I'm using LabVIEW 2017. I think there might have possibly been an issue with Ctrl-C/X/V not working in older versions, what version are you using?

DNatt, NI
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I do not have this issue with 2016.  But it does stick in my mind that there was, at least at one time, a CAR about copy/paste not working in QD due to the CTRL shortcuts.  Do you have a shortcut set to use CTRL+V installed?

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I attached a GIF of what I am seeing in LabVIEW 2017 and while the QD list doesn't visually update after a copy-paste it still recognizes what item I have. However, this will only work when the text you have pasted in perfectly matches an item so "case structure" will work but "case structur" and "cs" (QD shortcut) will not work.



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Hopet ctrl+V is just pasting the text and no event is getting triggered, co some keyboard actions are required to generate an event.

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Got it, thanks for the clarifications everybody. I have filed CAR 662524 and will do my best to get this fixed in a future LabVIEW release.

DNatt, NI
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