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Small Fonts not Available in Icon Editor


Hi all, I just installed LabVIEW on a new laptop, and I cannot use Small Fonts in the icon editor. I've tried to install the font file, and I can see it in "C:\windows\fonts". However, in LabVIEW when I type text into the icon editor, it's still using several colors to try to make a black font. If I select a different font, I cannot get back to Small Fonts because it's not in the dropdown menu. (I have to edit the ini file). Any suggestions?


Using: LabVIEW 2016 (32-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)


No Small Fonts.png

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This solved it for my colleague:


KB: Texts in Icon Editor Get Blurry

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Hi Wiebe, thank you for the suggestion. I added "FontCodePageList" to the ini file and modified the region settings, but no change. Also, even when I make the font larger (bigger than 11) it's still not monochrome black.
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Edit: I totally misunderstood the question.

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I reinstalled the Small Fonts file from another PC at work. Previously I got the file from a forums post. I also ran the NI updates. 


Now I can use Small Fonts in the icon editor! But, if I switch to another font I cannot get back to it. I have to go into the .ini file and set:

IconEditor.TextTab.TextFont="Small Fonts"


Still kind of annoying, but at least it's workable now.


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