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Slow scrolling on the front end

Is there any way to make scrolling while the vi is running on a large front end faster?


I have a front end theat is somewhat bigger than the computer screen. Making it somehow smaller isnt a possibility. Unfortunately it takes quite some time to scroll down. (Not because its so large but because the scrolling is very slow)

Are there any tips and tricks to change that?

I appreciate suggestions.


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Do you mean the FRONT PANEL?


What do you mean by "Making it somehow smaller isnt a possibility"


You can re-size  and re-align the Front Panel components manually if you want to fit into your screen. While running your vi, I do not however know of anythign to make your scrolling easier. 


I guess the best way is to put the components you want o view at the top of the screen and the components you do not want to view immediately, in the bottom.

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I agree that I wasnt very clear on the making it smaller point.

By "making it smaller isnt a possibility" I meant that I can't shrink the individual controls any further without loosing significantly in terms of usability (reading the entries, clicking the buttons ect.).

So what I mean is that it is not a technical problem to make the controls smaller. Its rather from a design pov that I can't shrink them.


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To me, it sounds like a programming problem.

The GUI thread is overloaded, too many front panel updates.


For organizing your controls and indicators on the front panel, have tried using the Tab control?

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It's not that I dont want to put in the work to realign the objects or have a problem scaling them down.

If I would make the buttons ect. smaller it would be impossible to use the program. Therefore, scaling is not an option

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Without the benefit of seeing actual code, I'd say that the underpinnings of the whole application are unhealthy.  For example, maybe a failure to separate the UI from the rest of the processing is causing a bottleneck in the UI thread.


A huge undertaking such as what you are describing should probably have been designed with the knowledge that the interface would be big and complicated, and could have been designed with this in mind; a tab control with the most important controls and indicators being on the first tab with the other tabs being separated by function, for example.  It's amazing how often I see where the UI is neglected until it is way too late to fix it.


I wish there was an easy fix, but I think you probably have to do some refactoring of the code combined with the ugly task of rewriting the UI.  I don't envy you your task.  😞

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