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Slow remote debug

Hello Dennis,


The development computer is a Windows 10 Pro 32bits english, the production computer is a Windows 7 32 bits english.


Labview 2016 32 bits is used and of course the runtime 2016 is installed on the production computer.


Is there somehow a log option I could activate to provide more information about what's happening? Or logging the data exchanges with Wireshark?


Best regards.



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Dear Jean-Daniel,


Wireshark will only show us that the data is transmitted. And that works fine in your case.

The slow ping is the main part of the issue.


Even if the save of the files works like mentioned the files will be compared and that takes time as well.


The best way to solve your issue is to fasten up the ping time.

If this is not possible it seems that you will have to work with what you got. 


Staff Technical Support Engineer, NI Germany

Certified LabVIEW Developer & TestStand Architect


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