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Slow Execution or Display Time with DAQmx inputs

Hello All,

I have been using LabView for about 3 months now and have managed to reduce the execution time of an VI from about 20 ms to 3 ms. However, the requirement is less than a ms.
We are looking at only the Torque measurement (Drehmoment). The data is acquired from a Kistler Torque Sensor and then passing through an NI M Series device (SCB-68) comes into the workstation. The data is acquired using DAQmx (can be seen in Multi Global Channels) and then displayed. Now a point is displayed every 3 ms for Drehmoment on the chart. However, I need it faster (about 0.6 ms per point).
Is there something which is slowing down this display.

Please have a look at the attached VI's. A solution needs to be obtained quickly so please respond asap.

Thank You.

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I am guessing a few are not able to open the attachment above...So I have also attached a PNG file

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Do you use a Real Time System or Windows?


If it's Windows, you're restricted to 1 ms by the the System Clock when you are lucky.

But there might be a way to forward the "timing" to your hardware.

What Hardware (M-Series) do you use?


With this information I could help you to optimize your VI.

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Hello Adilo,

I am using a Windows 7 system....with 6 Gb of RAM..
I tried doing it with only the Torque measurement and I got measurement values at every 40 microsec...approx.
But when I put in all the values it shows 3ms.

I am using a SCB-68 M-Series device...pic attached.

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Thank you for the quick answer!


Your sensor is connected to the NI SCB-68 I/O Connector Block.

I already understood that, but what card is the connector connected to?


Best regards,


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I can't help you without the name of your card.


Greetings, Adilo

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