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Slider value corresponding to picture ring control


In principle there should be a nearly code-free version for the "PictureRing+Slider" combo.


We should be able to show the digital display of the picture ring, then customize the ring and replace the digital control with a slider, similar to the techniques reported in this discussion.


For some reason, I cannot replace the digital display of a picture ring with a silder in the control editor. I wonder if this is a bug? Can anyone get this to work?

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Interesting!  The Ring controls digital displays look more like free labels than numeric controls. This applies to text rings as well as pict rings.


When you customize a knob, gauge, or slider, the digital display is the actual numeric part which can be repalced by other types of numeric controls. The knob or slider is just an image.  When you customize a ring, all the pieces seem to be images. No numerical part is there.


Someone from NI will need to let us know what is going on.



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