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Slider slider not visible - LabVIEW 2009

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Just started working with sliders and I can see a fill value but not the slider. If I set the slider red and the fill transparent I see nothing. If I make the fill blue I see blue but no red slider. Probably something small that I am missing...


I am tweaking coils in a filter circuit, where each is tweaked to raise the Q value. So my goal is to have 2 sliders, one that fills to show the current value and a separate slider that gets bumped up to the max value reached and doesn't go back down.


In the attached I have hooked up 5 sliders with different fill types just so I can try to see the slider. If and when that works as I hope I will bundle 2 values for the max and current values.





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Sounds like you want to customize how your control looks.  You can change the appearance of any part of a control here is an example.


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Maybe it is not a bug but until I customized the control the slider was not visible at all. Seems that if it can be turned on in the properties, etc it should be visible without having to create a custom control.



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The pointer is deliberately not visible on some of the controls. Instead of customizing one that does not have it visible, start with the Pointer Slide controls.
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Thanks for noticing and replying to my post, even though the solution had been accepted.


I looked at the vertical pointer slide. Its slider looks like a control to me. It is also bullet shaped and  largely outside the fill area. I could cram it into the fill area but I want a rectangular bar to lay on top of the fill or float if the fill drops. Perhaps there is a way to change the bullet shape but it is not making itself apparent to me. 


My solution was use the progress bar, first slider w/ colored fill & transparent slider. Add a 2nd slider, transparent fill and a contrasting slider. The slider had to be filled to make it visible. 





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When editing the control and while in tweezer (blow torch) mode you can right click on the slider and import picture from file clipboard...



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Yup- Pretty small only a pixel high (Made it hard to resize too)


Glad you found a good plan to go forward!

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To find that little hootus I put the slider in customize mode then stretched out the whole thing to about 3 times normal size.
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Now I have found Window >> Control Parts. You can scroll thru the list to the slider and then change the size to make it easier to deal with. Default height is 3.
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