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Sizing numerical arrays to other string arrays

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I want the Voltage a6 a7 columns/array to match the size of all the others for alignment purposes. I have to shrink the text too much to accomplish it. Any ideas?



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Accepted by RHutchings

Replace the numeric element with one from the "Modern" palette. Silver has a lot of border spacing.

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Thank you very much.
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Unless you really need them, I would also hide the increment/decrement of the "# BYTES" and "RELAY BANK" so all numeric fields have the same height and font size.


Is this really a control where the user can change things or mostly an indicator. As indicator, maybe the entire thing could be done with a table. If some of it should be a control, consider voting for this idea. Now you could make each row a horizontal cluster control (with fields acting as indicators disabled) and make a vertical 1D array of these clusters. 

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Most of this needs to be changed on the fly including Bytes and Relay Bank. Only D2-D3 and Voltages are indicators only.
I would love to change this to a cluster, I already tried it, but there are a lot of behind the scenes reading and writing to Excel. This works for me so I'm not going to rewrite it.
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