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Sizing VI and positioning controls

I have a vi that has a subpanel, and the vi would load either VI A, VI B, or VI C into the subpanel.


For VI A, B, and C, each has a decoration border and similiar controls.  I want to position them at ths same coordinates, and I want to re-size all the vi to the same size. 


When the subpanel loads VI A, B, and C, I don't want to see control or border shifting.  What is the best way to achieve this?




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It may not be the best way, but I've used scripting to adjust positions in real time.

Make a new VI that has a subpanel. Load A, B and C (one at a time) into the subpanel.

Populate an arrays of clusters of: control name, top, and left. One array for A, one for B, one for C.

Put those values into indicators. When you change the indicator top or left, move the control on the subVI.


To skip the scripting, just load the VIs one at a time in the subpanel, and move the controls by hand.

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Can you elaborate a little bit more?  I don't understand your approach.


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Can't seem to post - trying again. Here's the beginning of one option.

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