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Simultaneous Calls to DAQmx Read on same digital line

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Hi all,


I am using LV v10.0 32 bit on Windows 7.


I use DAQmx Read (within a task) to check the value of a digital line. Is it ok to do this from two different places in a program simultaneously for the same digital line? Or do I need to put a wrapper around the read to force the operations to be sequential?



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Accepted by topic author zola_the_gorgon

When you need to expose resource capabilities to multiple areas within a project (expand the scope of a resource)  It is common to wrap the resource in a Action Engine to encapsulate the functions of the resource.  See Here for an example of a hardware "Resource Module" and a lively discussion on how this code construct can aid development and avoid resource conflicts.  If you haven't read Ben's famous nugget yet- there is a link in my tag "Required_Reading"


Or more directly.  Yes, you should wrap those DAQ reads to avoid confilcts

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Thank you. Interesting reading. 

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