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Simulation of mathematical equation in from MATLAB simulink to LabVIEW

Dear Friends, 

                     I want to Simulate a mathematical equation in LabVIEW VI, However i have simulated the same expression in MATLAB SIMULINK which i believe to be correct. I have attached the Equation which i want to simulate using LabVIEW software.

The input to the equation is 8.3e-6 + 8.3e-6 *sin (2*pi*1*t-pi/2). I tried building a VI and I am getting a peak of (max output)120.345 at the output port. Where as in MATLAB Simulink, I am getting a peak of (max output) 122.3, which i am not getting in LABVIEW. I am not sure where i went wrong. What i think is there is a problem in feed back, but i have used shift Register. please help in getting a peak of 122.3 from my LabVIEW VI. I have attached details here with 


Thank You very much 

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