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Simulatingh humdity, and heat

Hi everyone im new here and still trying to get used to labview. Im currently trying to do a project but im stuck in the fact that i dont actuially know how to simulate both humidity and a heater into my program. Can anyone suggest how i can go about it?


Ive include what im using for the temp sim, is it possible for me to modify this to read as humidity. If anyone can help id greatly appreciate it really stuck on this.

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Please attach your VI instead of images. Also attach the caller VI used to call the subVI shown.


I assume this is a non-reentrant subVI that you call repeatedly. All you get out of it is a repeating sequence of 100 values (we cannot be sure, because we cannot tell the size of the array constant from the picture!). You can generate as many additional parameters (different array values or scaling) the same way in parallel, so I am not quite sure what the question is. Do you fully understand the current code? (Personally, I would use a globally initialized feedback node and eliminate the while loop. It would also be more reasonable to have an array of scaled DBL values, eliminate all the extra scaling at the end.).

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