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Simulate ethernet RIO device



This may be a newbie question, but I couldn't find an answer anywhere...


We have a project with 4 ethernet RIO expansions chassis. (NI 9148). These are filled up with IO which is accessed in the labview 2013 application as shared variables. The hardware is shipped to the customer, and we have no equipment to test on.




When I start the labview application, it will try to deploy to the hardware. If the hardware is present, then everything works fine. My problem is that the customer now has the hardware, and we have to make changes to the application. We would like to test the changes before sending the new application to the customer, but I can't figure out how to test the application properly without the hardware.


So I'm stuck here:




Any suggestions? I would love it if there was a third party application that could simulate this device..


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Hi truude,


Unfortunately is it not possible to simulate a RIO device in MAX with ability to deploy the project. Some features are able to simulate though, described in this KB


Simulate FPGA Hardware Targets Using the Project Explorer with LabVIEW


Best regards,

Robert P-F
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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