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Simulate a pulse signal to calculate frequency


I should use counter and count the number of rising edges in a loop to calculate frequency . The input signal will be connected to PFI lines of DAQ 3636 OEM. but the problem is I don't have aceess to hardware.

Could you please let me know how can I simulate this process so I can generate a pulse and count the number of rising edges and then calculate frequency without hardware.


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The hardware simulation mode does not allow for this. If temporary, you can place a random number generator where the DAQmx Read is. How long before you get the actual hardware?


For a frequency measurement, you would not count pulses and calculate. You would simply perform a frequency measurement directly.

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Two options-

1.Check out the waveform generation functions, generate a square or pulse train and pass to your function.

2.Go into NI Max and create a virtual card to feed simulated data to your application. I'm not sure what waveform options will be available, but it will only take a short time to create a virtual device and see what waveforms it has in Max.

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1. You cannot pass simulated waveforms to a DAQmx function - the counter read.

2. A virtual card cannot feed virtual waveforms to anything (virtual or real).

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My bad- assumed he was acquiring a waveform then doing measurements in software.

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