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Simulate Signal VI: minimum frequency?

I'm a student new to LabView.


I'm trying to create a simple signal generator VI. My goal is to be able to simulate a square wave signal pulse going from 0 to V at low frequency like 1 Hz or less. However, when I set the frequency in the Simulate Signal VI lower than the default of 10.1 Hz I run into some issues. The signal will not display properly, or at all. I also have an issue with the graph indicator only displaying the signal in a 0.1s area even though I change the time axis scale to 1s or larger. I've tried playing with the timing and adjusting other settings, but I can't seem to get it right.


I've included the VI file. Thank you in advance.



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Hi Mike,


why do people always think "ExpressVIs will make my life easier?"…


Try the attached VI, using a simple function from signal generation palette.

Two notes:

- I have set the x axis of the graph to autoscale.

- play with the sampling info to learn its meaning…


Best regards,
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Hi Gerd,


I think it is natural for users to gravitate toward Express VIs, and NI should have probably just made sure all Express VIs are covered by examples so new users can learn how to do what they want.


We have roads called "Expressways" and even at the grocery store we have "Express Checkout", so it's only natural to try out Express VIs Smiley Happy

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Thank you for the replies. I will try out the VI you have attached, I appreciate it Gerd.


I found my way to the simulate signal express VI because it was what was used in several tutorials I watched on YouTube including ones by NI. I see now that they have their limitations.


Thanks again!


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