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Silver Path Control Button does not prompt browse window (BUG?)


Hi Gurus,


I am not new to LV but new to this strange behavior. While starting to use LV2015 not too long ago, a co-worker spoke about the silver path control ceasing to work as expected. After a while of having a program running or if an error was encountered during the execution, the browse button for this silver path control will not prompt the browse window to appear…at all. You’d need to kill LV, restart it then run your VI to make it respond correctly for a while, but eventually the same behavior is seen. Initially I thought it was his computer presenting this behavior, but my workstation also got into that type of dance when trying to mimic.

Has anybody seen this?

Can anyone with LV2015 mimic this control, forcing an error perhaps?

What is the procedure for issuing a potential bug with this Silver path control in LV2015?




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Can you attach a simplified VI that demonstrates the problem? Is the rest of the UI still responsive if this happens?

Does everything work if you substitute a non-silver path control?

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