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Silo SCADA in Labview


Hi all!


Can you help me with my school project?

I have three same size tanks, a tank full of wheat, an another tank full of barley and an empty tank. My objective is, to transfer the content of the full tanks to the empty tank, to refresh the goods. I have to do this in SCADA system with fuzzy logic. 

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You'll have to give us a bit more then that.


Did you pick your hardware (pumps, valves, etc.)?

Did you pick your DAQ hardware (AI, AO, DI, DO)?


On what subject (SCADA, Fuzzy Logic, LabVIEW, DAQ, Hardware, the system setup, etc.) do you need help? Asking specific questions will get you specific answers. General questions will give you general answers, like "do some courses".


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I don't have any hardwares, i just need to simulate it in LabView, but I don't know how to do this.

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Search the forums.


Questions just like yours about doing tank filling/emptying applications have come up before.


Check the LabVIEW examples and search for "tank".  There are a couple simulations in there.

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